APG Symposium on

24th - 27th Feb. 2021, New Delhi

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1. The Effect of Landslides in Konaktepe Dam and HEPP Project (Tunceli-TURKEY) Design Ayhan KOÇBAY
2 . Challenges in Flood Control Operation and Dissemination of Related Information - Lessons from the record-breaking heavy rain in July 2018, Japan Tetsuya SUMI1, Masakazu MITSUNARI2, Tatsuo HAMAGUCHI3
3. Operation of the Selective Water Intake Facility of Sameura Dam, taking Account of Downstream Water Temperature and Turbidity Morimasa Tsuda1, Masashi Moriya2
4. A Case Study on Renewal Strategies Concerning Lost Technologies in Construction of Rubber Gates Tomoji Takatsu1,a, Kohei Nagano1,b, Shuji Takasu1,c
5. Backwater Effect and Compensation due to Dam Construction on Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project in Lao PDR Kazuo NAKAMURA1, Takuma TAKAHASHI2, Kenichi TOMIOKA3, Shoji TSUTSUI4
6. Statistics in Dynamic Characteristics of Existing Dams Evaluated by Earthquake Monitoring Data Masayuki Kashiwayanagi1, Hideaki Oonishi2c
7. Re-evaluation of Large Dams in Van Inner Basin, Turkey Hasan Tosun1
8. Dynamic Stability of Large Embankment Dams and a Case Study Hasan Tosun1
9. Adopted Measures for Evaluation and Remediation of the Damages Occurred in Darbandikhan Dam due toa Major Earthquake Kawa Zaidan1, Omed S. Q. Yousif2, Younis Alshkane3, Kamal A. Rashed4, AbdulrahmanKhani5, TareqBattal6, SalarKareem Hama7
10. Management of Water Resources in the Middle East between Difficulties and Challenges Salma Ajeel Fenjan1*, Ali Akbar Akhtari 2
11. Mitigating the Social Impacts of the Yamba Dam Project:
The Roles of Japan’s Act on Special Measures for Reservoir Area Development
Goro Yasuda1,Kazunori Watanabe2
12. A Review of Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction Using Integrated Methods
Pouya Farokhzad1, Hamed Ketabchi2
13 On the Effect of Clay Core Shape on Dynamic Response of Embankment Dams Behzad Shakouri1*and Mirali Mohammadi2
14 Analysis and Design of Cellular Sheet Pile Structures, Case Study: The Bahmanshir Upstream Cellular Dam Ali Reza Majidi
15 Using Shear Strength Parameters to Predict Erosion Resistance of Soils Treated by Chitosan Chitosan Nader Hataf1, Pooria Ghadir2, April James3
16 Aquifer Storage and Recovery, is it Useful for Iran in Climate Change Condition? Susan Hayeri Yazdi1
17. Are Higher Seismic Safety Standards Required for Dams Forming Dam Cascades along Rivers? Martin Wieland1, Sanaz Ahlehagh2
18 Control of Blasting Ground Vibration Near Grouting Operations (Case Study) Hamid Reza Alizadeh1
19 Investigation on the Roller Compacted Concrete Mix Design with All in One Aggregate (ShahricorRCC Dam Case Study) Afshin Talebolelm1, Hazhir Zamani2
20 Estimation of Rock Mass Deformability Based on Empirical Relations in GhezelOzan (Pirtaghi) Dam Site in Iran Ehsan Motamedshariati1, Mehdi Motevalizadeh2
21 Estimating Greenhouse Gases Emissions from Karun-4 Water Reservoir by Applying G-res Model Saeed Karbin1, Nader Rezaee2, Saeed Jamali2,
22 An Experimental Comparison Between Static and Dynamic Behavior of Mixed Clay Core of Haraz Earth Dam Dariush Belashi1, Davood Salehi2,
23 Damage Identification of Gravity Dams using Free Vibration Data Ebrahim Sotoudehnia1, Farzad Shahabian2, Ahmad Aftabi Sani3
24 Comparison of Ideal-Coupled and Decoupled Methods in Dynamic Analysis of Gravity Dams Mohammad Rezaiee-Pajand1, Mohammad Sadegh Kazemiyan2, Zahra Mirjalili1
25 Frequency Content Effects on Nonlinear Behavior of CMD Dam Excited by Earthquake Motion Vahideh Akhundzadeh1, Meysam Fazeli2
26 Evaluation of Water Table Profile Through Earth-fill Dams by GaussQuadrature Integral Method Sareh Movahhedzadeh1, Ahmad Aftabi Sani2
27 Designing a Hypolimnetic Oxygenation System for Reservoir Water Quality Improvement (Case Study: Yamchi Dam Reservoir) Mohamad Mahdi Azimi1*, Bahman Yargholi 2*, Paul Gantzer3
28 Determine Environmental Risks to Provide Water Quality Remedies (Case Study: Doosti Dam Reservoir) Bahman Yargholi 1*, Mohamad Mahdi Azimi 2*
29 Seismic Performance Evaluation of Karun III Double Curvature Arch Dam Considering the EffectsofNon-uniform Excitation Fatemeh EsmailiSoureh*,1, Alireza Manafpour2, Mohammad Manafpour2
30 How can Removethe Earth Dam's Cracks during the Strong Earthquake by Isolated Damping Layer System n2 Behrouz Gordan1, Azlan Adna
31 Dams and Hydropower Schemesin New Zealand Mohammad Reza Okhovat1
32 Investigating the Effect of The Ramp Geometry on the Hydraulic Characteristics of The Flow Around the Ramp Embedded in the Under Pressured Duct Hamzeh Ebrahimnezhadian1, Mohammad Manafpour2
33 Advantages of CMD's in CMD-Earthfill Composite Dams (Case Study: Dasht-e-Palang Dam) A. Mohammadian1, M. Hazeghian2,R. Erami3, M. GHAEMIAN4
34 Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Pile Geometry and Pile Cap Leveling on the Local Scour under Inclined Pier Group Ramtin Sobhkhiz Foumani1, Alireza Mardookhpour2, Ahmad Lashteneshayi3
35 Investigating the Effect of Longitudinal Gallery on Dynamical Response of Gravity Concrete Dams Using FEM S.Mahdi S.Kolbadi1,*, Afrasiab Mirzaei2, Hosein Jamshidi3, Mahdi Ziaei4
36 Investigation of the Sensitivity Parameters to Automatic Cavitation in Hydro turbines of the Sefid Rood Dam Considering Useful Life Ramtin Sobhkhiz Foumani1 ,Alireza Mardookhpour2, Sara Kohansal3
37 Uniform and Consistent Approach for “Instrument Coding System” Based on Experiences in Iranian Large Arch Dams Mohammad Ali Karimi1, Majid Hoseini2, Fatemeh Momeni1, Ali Dadi Givshad1
38 Thermal Analysis of SHAHRIKOR RCC DAM Afshin Talebolelm1, Hamidreza Araghian2
39 Numerical Modeling of Creep Phenomenon in RCC Dams and Evaluation of its Behavior Using FEM S.M. Seyed-Kolbadi1,*, M. Mirtaheri1, M.A. Hariri-Ardebili2
40 Review and Study on Evolution of the Cracks in Karun 4 Dam during First Impounding
Mohammad Ali Karimi1, Ghasem Basereh2, Fatemeh Momeni1
41 Shape Optimization of Gravity Dam using Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm Ahmad Ferdowsi1, Saeed Farzin2, Sayed-Farhad Mousavi3, Mahtab Faramarzpour4, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini5
42 Sensitivity of the Monitoring Results and their Interpretation to Minor Imprecision in Instrument As-Built Drawings (Case Study of Karun 4 Dam) Mohammad Ali Karimi1, Mohammad Reza Abedini1, Ali Dadi1, Fatemeh Momeni1
43 Thermal Analysis of Dyraaba Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dam Using Finite Element Method HAMIDREZA ARAGHIAN1, FARA MARZFO ROUTAN2, SOBHAN MOUSAVI3, ALI NOURZAD4
44 Evaluation and Optimization of the Instruments Installed on the Crack in Dam Block No. 9 - Karun 4 Dam & HPP Project Mohammad Ali Karimi1, Majid Hosseini2, Fatemeh Momeni1, Ali Dadi Givshad1
45 Overview of Foreign Financing Methods and Challenges, Benefits and Limitations of Foreign Financein Water Projects Mehrdad Baghaiepoor1, Maryam Dolatyari2, Mohammad Mohsen Saghalorzadeh3
46 A Study of Lugeon Test Distribution and Uncertainty, with an Overview to the Test Advantage and Limitation Ghasem Deravi1*, SasanTayyari2, AmirHafezquran3, Asad Mahrofi4
47 Method of Pull out Sink Gates with Using Buoyancy Force Case study – Rudbar Dam Nima Bayati1, MohsenGhaderi2
48 Cure Studies of Bottom Outlet Service Gates of Sediment Discharge Tunnel of Karun 1 Dam Mohsen Ghaderi1
49 River Flow Forecastingby a Dynamic K-Nearest Neighbors Method Ehsan Ebrahimi1, MojtabaShourian1*
50 Reservoir Operation under Climate Change Using a Guided Adaptive Search based Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Farshad Rezaei1, Mehrdad Moghadas2
51 An Image Processing Approach for Dynamic Monitoring of Reservoir Operation Mohammad Amin Raoof1, Mohammad Danesh-Yazdi1,3, Majid Bayati1,2,and Mostafa Fadaeifard3
52 Thermal and Mechanical Properties Calibration for Concrete Arch Dams Alireza Daneshyar1, Payam Sotoudeh2, Masoud Mirmohammad Sadeghi3, Mohsen Ghaemian4
53 Analysis of a System of Dam-Foundation-Reservoir under Full Loading Payam Sotoudeh1, Alireza Daneshyar2, Masoud Mirmohammad Sadeghi3, Mohsen Ghaemian4
54 Structural Health Monitoring in Concrete Gravity Dams by Signal Processing Algorithms Sajad Esmaielzadeh1, Hassan Ahmadi2and Seyed Abbas Hosseini3
55 Challenges and Lessons for Construction of RCC Dams in Sri Lanka (Case Study Uma Oya Project) Hamed Mahdiloutorkamani1
56 Numerical Detection of Energy Dissipation in Different Shapes of Stepped Spillways Mahla Alizadeh1, Mahnaz Ghaeini-Hessaroeyeh , Ehsan Fadaei-Kermani
57 Analyzing Usual Classification Methods of Construction Joints for Reducing Permeability of RCC Dams Sayed Bashir Mokhtarpouryani1
58 Tailings Dam Failure Modes; Recognition, Prevention and Case Studies S. Mohsen Haeri1,Amin Hasani Motlagh2, Rasoul Gholami3, Saman Soleimani3
59 Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Flow overThree-Side Channel Spillway of Shahr-Chay Dam NiloufarJahed Cheraghtape1, Mohammad Manafpour2
60 Numerical Investigation of Wall Aerator Performance Installed in the Bottom Outlet of Seymareh Dam Hossein Bayat1, Mohammad Manafpour2
61 Investigation ofthe Emergency Action Plan for Dams Shiva Khosravi 1, Saeed Raoufinasab2, Seyed Mohammad Mousavi3, Manouchehr Diyanat4, Ehsan Fartoot Ahvazi5
62 A Parametric Study on Mechanical Behavior of Plastic Concrete in Cut-off Walls Mohammad Bakhtiari
63 Seismic Hazard Analysis for Sungun High Centerline Tailings Dam Samaneh Soleymani1, Abbas Mahdavian2
64 Long-Term Streamflow Prediction Using Large-Scale Climate Indices and Historical Weather Data (Case Study: Bukan Dam) Razieh Taraghi Delgarm1, Masoud Tajrishy2
65 Capacity Improvement of Spillway using Arc Shaped Control Structure, Results of a Case Study Yaser Geraili1, Alireza Zia2, S. Mostafa Alavi1
66 Monitoring of Lar Dam: Finding New Leakage Regions Kamran Koohestani1,Mahsa Ali-Haghnezhad2, Marjan Samuti3, MohammadReza Zarsazi4
67 Probable Maximum Flood (PMF)Estimation Using a Bayesian Model(Case Study: Latian Dam)  Ahmad Agheshlouei1,Mojtaba Shourian1
68 Effective Parameters on Seismic Response of Intake Towers, Including Reservoir, Foundation and Dam Interactions S.Resatalab1, M.T.Ahmadi2, M.Alembagheri3, N.Kamboozia4
69 Statistical Analysis and Modeling (Forecasting) of the Temperature Time Series of Ahvaz Metropolis Kazem Hamadi1, Leila Nozarian2
70 Upgrading Historical Masonry Dam with Envoronmental Friendly Technologies : A Case Study Mohammad Safi1, Seyed Saeed Beheshti2
71 Effect of Sarni Dam and Construction of ZaraniDam on Organization of Mazabi River in Hormozgan Province Ali Asghar Mirzaiee1, Houshang Mowlai2, Shahroz Shojaee