25th Feb. 2021



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1. Changes to expect in seismic safety assessment of large storage dams in future by Martin Wieland
2. Smart management of dam safety documentation and records by ÓSCAR PÉREZ, STEFAN HOPPE, JÜRGEN FLEITZ
3. The Need for Dam Safety Management Program in Nepal by M. Acharya,  C. Richard Donnelly,
4. A practical risk management approach for impounding karun 3 dam reservoir: a real-life case study in Iran by Saied Yousefi, Hojjat Mousavi, Mohammad Naghavi, and Roya Zargarian
5. Overall Stability Analysis Of Jinping I Arch Dam  In The Initial Water Storage Stage Considering The Left Abutment Slope Deformation - Zhong Zhou, Jing Zhang, Dewen Cai, Zhongxu Liu, Lijun Xue
11:30 Hrs to 13:30 Hrs
1. Dam breach analysis: case study of phukot karnali (480 mw) hydroelectric project in Nepal - ANIL K C(Hydraulic Engineer)
2. Ensuring safety of hydraulic structures against ground vibrations generated during blasting operations by Dr Prakash K. Palei, Scientist - C
3. Seismic Safety of Dams in India By B.K. RASTOGI
4. Development and implementation of Emergency Action Plan for Konar Dam - A Case Study -  by ABHISHEK SHUKLA
14:00 Hrs to 15:30 Hrs
1. Rehabilitation of hydromechanical equipment under drip by Gulshan Raj
2.   Experimental Breach and Overtopping Study in Earth Dams by Physical Models Fardin Jafarzadeh and Arian Raoufi
3. Asset Management and Dam Safety: Twins Raised Apart? By Bob Leitch, MIAM
16:00 Hrs to 17:30 Hrs
1. Kerala floods risk assessment in kuttanad region and need for flood control dams- a perspective by D. Biju, chief engineer
2. Implementation of tablets for periodical calibration of monitoring sensors and data reading -  by Stefan HOPPE (Dam Safety Engineer)
3. Dam break flood wave analysis from ukai dam in lower tapi river, India by Shubham m. Jibhakate , Dr.  P.V. Timbadiya and Dr. P.L. Patel
4. Safety aspects of rockfill dam in narrow valley with seismic faults in the foundation by M. Wieland and H. Roshanomid
5. A review of site specific estimation of seismic design parameters by Suman Sinha
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1. Study of computational fluid dynamics analysis with design on the spillway of hydroelectric power plant by MASAYUKI MASUDA, FUMITOSHI WATANABE  and SHINJI TAKANO
2. Optimizing layout of power intakes in run-of-the-river projects by P D Patil
3. Innovative research methodology in evolving design of spillways for Himalayan h. E. Projects by Dr. (Mrs.) Prajakta P. Gadge  
4. Future challenges in Design of Spillways and Energy Dissipators by Mr. Ravindra R. Bhate
11:30 Hrs to 13:30 Hrs
1. Risk - based stability evaluation of the upper spillway middle pier – isimba hepp uganda by D.E. MUKWANASON, W. MANIRAKIZA, M. AKURUT, J. SEMPEWO, M. KAYONDO, H.E. MUTIKANGA
2. Innovative methodology to control seepage of pathazhakkundu earthen dam in Kerala, INDIA by DR. P.T.SANTHOSH KUMAR
3. Seepage Control in Masonry Gravity Dams through Dam Body Grouting - A Case Study by R. VIGNESWARAN, SCIENTIST B
4. Innovative Remedial Design of Barrel Arch Dam by Nagesh Malyala
5. Evolving Repair Methodologies For Spillways & Stilling Basin In Himalayan Region by Balraj Joshi, Keshav Deshmukh, Ajay Mittal, Shrish Dubey
6. Polavaram Dam – Quality Control of Plastic Concrete for a 100 m deep Cut-off Wall by M. Sc. Cemal Can Maslak
14:00 Hrs to 15:30 Hrs
1. Numerical Simulation Of A Stage Constructed Rockfill Dam On Plastic Clay Foundation   Anil Jain, Ashwani and  Randhir
2. Using Earth Pressure Instrument Data to Examine the Safety of Earth Dams against Arching and Shear Failure by Fardin Jafarzadeh, Amir Akbari Garakani and  Jafar Maleki
3. Toddbrook Reservoir spillway incident and emergency response by Alan Warren and Natalie Bennett
4. Assessment Of Concrete Properties Of Bhakra Dam In India by P N Ojha, Brijesh Singh, V V Arora, B N Mohapatra & Vikas Patel
5. Evaluation Of The Permitted Risk Level For Aged Dams During Survey And Expertise By Mikhail Goncharov And  Evgeny Goncharov
16:00 Hrs to 17:30 Hrs
1. Seepage Control In Masonry Dams With Modern Technology Using Innovative Techniques And Execution Methodologies Case Study: The Bhavanisagar Dam, Tamil Nadu, India By Er. R. Suresh Balaji
2. Maneri Dam - Repair of Spillway and its Energy dissipater severely damaged by rolling boulders during floods – Case study by Mr. Vinod Kumar Verma & Mr. C. S. Mathur
3. Appraisal of Spillway Capacity and Storage Augmentation for Dam Safety using Piano Key Weir and Fuse Plug for Climate Change Effects by Dr. Nayan Sharma,  Dr. Gopal Das Singhal and Mr. Subhash Gottumukkala
4. Restoration And Rehabilitation Of Spillway With Modified Energy Dissipator - A Case Study By Amit Kulhare, Dr. M.R. Bhajantri, and Dr. V.V. Bhosekar
5. Mosul Dam A Multi-National Dam Foundation Rehabilitation Effort by David Sawitzki, P.E
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1. Forecasting Hydropower Generation Using Artificial Neural Networks and the Effect of Various Environmental Factors for the Optimal Operation of Spillway Gates by Kemoh Lumei 
2. One percent annual chance flood risk-solutions to communication and technical challenges involving levees and dams -  by Doug Bellomo.
3. Optimizing the Design and Layout of Spillways and Energy Dissipators for Cascade Hydropower Projects in Ravi Basin, India. By Dr. Bhajantri M.R.
4. Effective Reservoir Operation For Flood Control Based On Rainfall-Runoff-Inundation Alnalysis Considering Extreme Events In The Katsura River Basin, Japan By Iwamoto Maki
5. Analytical study of sediment yield characteristics of Tehri catchment in Upper Himalayas By Dhirendra Veer Singh (CMD), R.K. Vishnoi  D(T),  T.S. Routela GM(R&D), A.K. Badoni DGM (R&D)
6. Damodar Basin Water Management System - A review on critical issues and performance by SATYABRATA BANERJEE
11:30 Hrs to 13:00 Hrs
1. An  Integrated  Approach  For  Circular  Sediment  Management (Csm) In Reservoirs by A. Omer, S. Giri , J. Kamphuis,  K. Meerse, J. Wijnands , H. Ekkelenkamp and   E. Besseling
2. Numerical Model Simulations For Sedimentation In Run-Of-The-River Projects by Dr.(Mrs)Neena Isaac( Scientist E)
3 Sediment Management In Hydroelectric Projects By Operating Reservoirs For Desilting by HARSHA P CHAUDHARY( Scientist B)
4. Cascading Hydropower Projects On Teesta River Basin by Mrs. S. R. Patnaik, Mrs. V.P. Gadhe , B.S. Sundarlal,  Dr. M.R. Bhajantri, Dr. (Mrs.) V.V. Bhosekar
5. Dam Break Accident and Resulting Sediment Management at Downstream Dams in Lao PDR  by Y. AOSAKA, T. TABUCHI, Y. MURAKAMI and S. TSUTSUI
6. Sediment Yield And Depostion Pattern In Long Conical Tehri Reservoir by Dhirendra Veer Singh, CMD, Rajive Kumar Vishnoi, Director (Technical) and T. S. Routela, GM (R&D)
14:00 Hrs to 15:30 Hrs
1. Intervention in existing Spillway Gates by providing flap type Radial gate to negotiate floating trash by V K Maini, S P Mukherjee, Suveer Pandey,
2. Sustainable Integrated River Basin Management of Upper Wardha Project, India: A Case Study by Ashok Karva   ,  V.  D.  Loliyana and Baburao Khapre
3. Importance of Using Optimization in Water Allocation Models with the case study of Narmada and Damodar River Basins Dr. NESA ILICH, NHP Project Consultant
4. Integrated Basin Development of Damodar Valley – DVC and Lower Damodar by SIBA PRASAD SEN FIE
16:00 Hrs to 17:30 Hrs
1. Young Engineers Forum General Information By Elias Baptista, Msc
2. Dam Safety in Slovenia by Mateja Klun, PhD
3. Mozambican Dam Safety Regulation ELIAS BAPTISTA, MSc
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