24th Feb. 2021



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1. Integrated Geophysical Approach for Dam Health Checks & Monitoring and Dam Site Investigations -By  Dr. Sanjay Rana
2. Japan's “Follow-up System for Management of Dams” and its achievements - By  Y. Mogami, N. Asai, K. Sakamoto, T. Hara & G. Yasuda
3. Assessing reservoir capacity using advanced hydrographic survey techniques -By  P.S. kunjeer, scientist -‘c’ 
4. A few considerations on earthquake monitoring of dams - by masayuki kashiwayanagi
5. Deciphering the shape of the valley: geological investigations at dam site of the mangdechhu he project – by Vachaspati Pandey, DGM (Geo), NHPC Ltd Imran Sayeed, Ex-CGM(Geo), NHPC Ltd.
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1. Engineering Challenges and Safety Aspects of Tailings Dams - by Harvey McLeod
2. Rockfill test fill to determine the impact of compaction passess on rockfill settlement and to compare dry density after 6 and 8 passes in el llagal tailings dam - by L. MORENO, C. LOGUE & C. QUEZADA
3. The View Inside: Tailings Dams by Breno Castilho, M.SC Brazil
4. Dam Safety and Technology tools during construction by Hrushikesh Sandhe PE LEED AP – Head of Infrastructure
5. EMBREA-MUD a tool for the simulation of tailings dams breaching by Mohamed Hassan, Gregor Petkovsek and Craig Goff
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1. The recent innovative developments on Cemented Material Dam (CMD) by Dr. Ali Noorzad
2. Are higher seismic safety standards required for dams forming dam cascades along rivers? By martin wieland
3. Operation of the Selective Water Intake Facility of Sameura Dam, Taking Account of Downstream Water Temperature and Turbidity by Morimasa Tsuda1, Masashi Moriya
4. Backwater Effect and Compensation due to Dam Construction on Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project in Lao PDR by K. NAKAMURA, T. TABUCHI, K. TOMIOKA and S. TSUTSUI
5. Adopted Measures for Evaluation and Remediation of the Damages Occurred in Darbandikhan Dam due to a Major Earthquake by Kawa Z. Abdulrahman, Omed S. Q. Yousif, Younis Alshkane, Kamal A. Rashed, Abdulrahman Khani, Tareq Battal, Salar Kareem Hama 
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